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Monday, August 14, 2006



Hehehehe, bring the envelope on Thursday and I'll look at it for you, hehehehe.

I love that yarn jar--where did you get it, must tell me. Did you make the cute stitch markers?

Secret Pal

Tina, I had no idea that waiting would be so hard! :) You can open the envelope if you want, it's some clues to help you figure out who I am. Plus, I figured with the posts from the Secret Pal 8 that would help you too! I'm glad you've enjoyed this so much. I have too! Let me know what you think of the sweetners once you get a chance to try them.


Oh, LOVE the bunny holding the carrots! that is just to cute


I didn't even notice about the kids on my yarn jar! How neat! thanks again for all the great goodies. I love them! the face cloth is beautiful! you did a wonderful job!

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