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Hi I'm Tina, mom of 3, wife of 1. I live in Logan Utah, though I'm a transplant from Twin Falls Idaho. While it is technically 'just up the road a bit' the culture and area here is very much different.

I like alot of crafts. Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting, Looming. I enjoy reading novels, and christian non-fiction. My family tends to watch the Sci-fi channels and the DIY channels on TV. I also have an addiction to online-computer games like Everquest that take up the rest of my time. (ALot of my distant friends and family play it so it's a great way to stay in communication with them through out the week) As a family we also like to Geocache.

I have 3 children. 9 year old Deonna, 8 year old Michael and 3 year old Danielle.

Then there's my hubby. Jonathan. He's a geographer and map maker. He's working in a nasa project dealing with a database that involves alot of the western states. He looses me a bit after that.


knitting, crocheting, quilting, everquest, sci-fi, fantasy novels, christian faith, motherhood, geocaching, flylady, cooking